Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Arizona NSCA State Clinic Oct 26th 2013

2013 Arizona NSCA State Clinic 

Date: Saturday October 26th

Location: Arizona Grand Resort

Time again for our Arizona NSCA State Clinic. We had record attendance last year with 120 people and we are excited to see attendance increase once again. We have an incredible line-up of presenters including Mark Verstegen, Guido Van Ryssegem, Dale Cannavan, Dan Pfaff, and Wade Gilbert. We will also be hosting a round-table at the end of the clinic for participants to pose questions to the entire panel. 


Meet our 2013 Presenters:

Mark Verstegen, MS (Owner and Founder of Athletes' Performance)

Presentation: Everyday is Game Day

Description: Mark will share how individuals can permeate their entire day with opportunities to elevate and create sustainable performance. The focus will be on scientifically backed and engaging ways you can upgrade your client/athlete’s rituals across Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. You’ll leave this talk with tangible information you can apply with everyone you work with Monday morning.

Background: This presentation is based of Mark's new book "Everyday is Game Day" which can be pre-ordered for January 2014. This will be an exclusive look at the content and principles behind the acclaimed success of the Athletes' Performance and Core Performance Brand. Mark Verstegen is one of the most motivating figures in the human performance industry and this presentation will be a fantastic way to open up the 2013 Arizona State Clinic.

Get a glimpse of the brand Mark Verstegen has created (NFL COMBINE 2013):


Guido Van Ryssegem, MS, ATC, CSCS (Owner of Kinetic Integrations)

Presentation: Deciphering the Myth of Proprioceptive Training

Background: This is the second time Guido has presented at the state clinic. His first presentation on Movement Variability has taken off around the world and has earned Guido a spot on the acclaimed Perform Better circuit. With this new presentation we get another sneak peek at an important emerging topic. Guido spends years perfecting the science and practice behind his presentations and this is no exception. This presentation alone will save you years of reading and get you right to the pure conclusions.

Description: Although it is often claimed by exercise and health professionals that balance exercise interventions improve proprioception, very little proof confirms this. The presenter will review the hard facts on what balance and proprioception really are: a skill vs. a sense. Arguments on why balance exercises should be performed and progressed differently depending on the population you work with – sedentary, vs. fit, vs. athletes will be brought forward and practiced. This presentation will bring the wobble board and other unstable surface training to the next level.

Guido's Movement Variability Presentation:



Dale Cannavan, PhD, CSCS*D (Seattle Pacific University)

Presentation: The Science Behind Stretching

Description: This research focused presentation will provide an in-depth view of stretching and what it does to the muscle-tendon unit at both the macro and micro level. Further discussion will focus on the implications of stretching on exercise performance, and highlight when and whom to stretch.

Background: Dr. Cannavan is one of the foremost experts on applied muscle physiology and function. Dr. Cannavan was born in Northern Ireland and educated in the UK where he studied under one of the top professors now at Edith Cowan University, Dr. Anthony Blazevich. I first saw this presentation a few years ago and was incredibly impressed. Dr. Cannavan merges science and practice seamlessly and makes complex information seem incredibly accessible. If you ever wondered what stretching actually does and how different types of stretching differ then you will not want to miss this presentation. Using dynamic ultrasound, Dr. Cannavan is able to look inside the muscle while we move and provide the truth about what actually happens when we stretch.

Meet Dr. Dale Cannavan:



Dan Pfaff (Former director at UK High Performance Centre for 2012 Olympics)

Presentation: Planning and Periodization for Vertical Jump Development

Description: This presentation will discuss the science and application for the long-term development of jump performance. Jumping and associated qualities have widespread application across sport and therefore this presentation will provide a detailed understanding of how to develop one of the most important motor abilities in athletic performance.

Background: Dan Pfaff is considered one of the top Track and Field coaches in the world. He has worked with countless medalists in world championships and the Olympics. Most recently he was the director at the UK High Performance Centre for the 2012 London Olympics and trained Greg Rutherford who won the Gold Medal in the Long Jump at the 2012 Olympics. Dan is currently the Education Director and Jumps Coach at the World Athletics Center in Phoenix, AZ. I can't stress the incredible opportunity it is to see Dan Pfaff present. He is a pioneer in our field and the opportunity to see him present should not easily be missed.

Get to know Dan Pfaff with this 3-part series documenting his coaching philosophy:




Wade Gilbert, PhD (Fresno State University)

Presentation: "To Infinity and Beyond" Principles of Talent Development

Description: A comprehensive understanding of talent development requires a broad sweep across the scientific landscape. Sampling extensively from sport, education, business, psychology and medicine, I have learned that talent development rests on three principles: (1) individual needs are the spark that ignites the talent development fire, (2) talent development requires high levels of personal mastery, and (3) settings matter more than individual behavioral intentions. Audience members will leave with a better understanding of how to apply these principles in their own roles as talent developers.

Background: Dr. Gilbert is a foremost authority on talent development for both coaches and athletes. He is a premier sports psychologist who merges applied science with practice. Dr. Gilbert embodies his principles with how he teaches and provides an engaging experience every time he presents. His current presentation is gaining momentum as he has been the focus of multiple keynotes over the last year including the National Coaching Conference in Colorado Springs. This is a game changing presentation that sheds light on a topic that is often elusive and will be a perfect conclusion to a great clinic.

See Wade Gilbert present an older version of the presentation he will do at the clinic:

Every year I look for the best of our field. I feel this year's group of presenters have diverse backgrounds but all balance science and application. This should be an incredible clinic that will challenge conventional wisdom and be a platform for critical conversations. 

I hope to see you there...



Nick Winkelman

NSCA Arizona State Director