Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movement Prep: Movement Based Warm-Up
Movement Preparation (MP) follows Prehab in the Athletes' Performance training system and is the one component of the system that by itself can increase mobility, stability and the overall efficiency of movement patterns. This 4-step model will systematically prepare the body for any and all training in the gym/field or game of life. During MP our goal is to increase core temperature, address key mobility and stability demands, and activate the nervous system using movements and speeds specific to that day’s training session. This 4-step model will move from an isolation focus to a movement integration focus. Movements will initially be simple and slow moving towards more complex patterns at higher speeds. This allows us to safely and efficiently prepare the client’s “hardware” (i.e. Tissue and Joints) and “software” (i.e. Nervous System) for the training that follows.

Step 1 (Glute Activation): We start by activating the glutes using mini-bands around the knees and/or the ankles. The client will perform one round of movements with the legs completely extended and one round of movements in an athletic base where they are flexed at the hip, knee and ankle. Movements will be linearly and/or laterally focused based on the training session that follows

Step 2 (Dynamic Stretches): Glute activation will be followed by specific dynamic stretches that address key mobility and stability demands for that client in terms of that training day. These stretches can be executed in-place or moving over a distance for a designated series of repetitions.

Step 3 (Integrated Marching and Skipping): From dynamic stretches we move into specific marching and skipping patterns that focus on reactivity and force production through the hip, knee and ankle. These movements will be linearly and/or laterally focused based on the training session that follows.

Step 4 (Neural Activation/Rapid Response): From marching and skipping we move into rapid response. All movements will be done from an athletic base and the client will move through the hip, knee and ankle at high speeds for 3-5 second intervals. For example, 2 Inch Runs involve alternating the legs in place over a small amplitude as many times as can be controlled for a given time interval. Note that agility ladder work can fit into this section of the MP model.

Athletes’ Performance Training System: Movement Prep
Training Focus: 15 Minute Movement Prep with a focus on Multi-Directional Speed
Step 1 (Glute Activation) x10 repetitions per leg for each movement
Linear Base Position Mini-Band Walks
Lateral Straight Leg Mini-Band Walks
Step 2 (Dynamic Stretches) x3-6 repetitions for each movement
Elbow to Instep Stretch (World’s Greatest Stretch)
Backward Lunge
Knee Hug
Leg Cradle
Drop Lunge
Lateral Lunge
Step 3 (Integrated Marching and Skipping) 2x10-15yds for each movement
Lateral Pillar March
Lateral Pillar Skip
Step 4 (Rapid Response) 2x3-5s for each movement
2 Foot Lateral Base
Base Rotations

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Next topic will cover integrated Plyometrics, "The Bridge Between Strength and Movement"

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